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Creating the Future's Oral Health Technology

Our Solutions

Detecting & Monitoring Oral Diseases

Specialized Visualization Technology for Teledentistry

Finding abnormalities early means better health outcome. This notion is relevant to oral health, with conditions such as tooth decay and oral cancer capable of being cured at earlier stages. 


For this reason, we are developing visualization technology to enhance the earlier detection and monitoring of oral diseases.

Detecting & Monitoring Oral Diseases

AI Assistance

With the assistance of AI-Algorithms, we intend to improve the remote detection and monitoring of oral diseases.

Reducing Barriers to Care

Expanding Access to Oral Health Care

Over 100 Million Americans do not see the dentist on a yearly basis. Minority populations are less likely to see a dentist regularly and have untreated tooth decay. 


Our mission is to develop teledentistry technology which expands access to oral health care and improves the earlier detection and prevention of oral diseases.

Earn, Brush, Repeat

Rewarding Oral Care Behaviors with BrushBucks

BrushBucks is a mobile app dedicated to improving oral care behaviors with points which can be redeemed for rewards or donated to charity

Tooth brushing timer, dental flossing timer, mouthwash timer to improve oral hygiene, oral health, oral care

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